PIXIE SECRET ear lotion

PIXIE SECRET ear lotion

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Pixie Secret is a cleansing lotion based on natural ingredients for dogs, cats and other 4-legged companions. It soothes, dries and regenerates the fragile skin of the ears  !

This recipe is in fact a fair mix of ingredients which brings together in one whole, all the “miracle” tips from our breeders and grooming professionals!  The strength of this product lies, among other things, in the subtle balance between drying, soothing and hydration. The perfect cocktail for a healthy ear.  To try it is to adopt it !  

Pixie is a preventive cleaning solution.  It does not in any way replace a veterinary product intended to treat ear infections.

If your dog or cat's ears show signs of otitis and/or severe irritation: consult!!!

Made with witch hazel, tea tree hydrosol, aloe, calendula and marshmallow extract

WITHOUT parabens, silicone, sulfates, petroleum derivatives and animal oils.

Available in format: 120 ml / 250 ml / 4 L


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Apply a few drops of solution into the ear canal. Gently massage at the base of the ear to evenly distribute the solution. Clean and dry carefully, preferably using lint-free cotton.

Maintenance frequency:

healthy ears: 1 -2 x week (drooping ears with less ventilation, increase frequency as needed)

problem ears: as needed, can be used 1 x per day without contraindications



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