Use PEKE 67

Step 1: Start your usual grooming with the bath either mmoisten the dog, use the PEKE SECRET shampoo of your choice and rinse. When using Peke 67, Smooth Secret conditioner is not necessary. The use of the Peke 67 starts on wet pitou ....

Step 2: Fill the bath or a container with approximately 1/4 lukewarm / hot water, in which you must add the PEKE 67, i.e. 5 ml for a small dog, 7.5 ml for a medium-sized dog and 15 ml for a large breed dog. Mix the Peke 67 well in hot water so that the cream is well assimilated to the water, we suggest you either a mixer, a mixer, or simply with a spoon to simplify the task.

Step 3: Gently soak the animal's coat with the water / Peke 67 mixture using a dish, a sponge or simply relax the dog directly in the mixture.

Step 4: When the fur has absorbed the PEKE 67 well, let it "simmer" for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse the coat well, the miracle is immediate. It's over!!! :)

Dry and finish the grooming as usual and ... Enjoy the results !!!

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