Shampoing naturel pour chien fabriqué au Québec Blue Secret
Blue Secret Shampoing pour pelage pâle

BLUE SECRET natural shampoo for cats and dogs

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The Blue Secret makes the contrasts of the colors more brilliant, removes the yellow of the white hair and revives the colors. It naturally enhances the color of white, pale and silver hairs and brings shine and contrast to dark coats. Very effective action without attacking the skin and coat. Blue Secret natural dog shampoo is made from Prussian Blue which is an inorganic pigment. Approved for cats!

Ingredients: Based on Prussian blue, a natural inorganic pigment.

Free from oxidizing agents, peroxide, bleach and bluing products

Available in format: 500 ml / 4 L


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Wet well and apply shampoo. Lather and leave on for a minimum of 3 minutes. Rinse well. The time left in the coat will positively affect the results. Ready to use, but can be diluted 1 part product to 5-10 parts water depending on breed and / or coat texture.



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