HARD SECRET natural dog shampoo
Hard Secret Shampoing pour poils dures

HARD SECRET natural dog shampoo

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The Hard Secret is an astringent, clarifying, toning, texturizing, degreasing, gentle and moisturizing shampoo. Cleans without changing the texture of the hair. Promotes regrowth, soothes and stops dandruff. Protects the coat's natural essential oils.

Ingredients: Aloe and Rosemary hydrosol. Mint essential oil.

Free from parabens, silicone, alcohol, sulfates, petroleum derivatives and animal oils

Available in format: 500 ml / 4 L


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Wet well and apply the shampoo. Lather and rinse well. Ready to use, but can be diluted 1 part product to 5 to 10 parts water depending on breed and/or coat texture.

Do not use on cats


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